Last night I was thinking how fool I can be for someone, I mean it just don’t worth it to be in love to think about someone all the night and not only while you’re awake but too when you’re sleeping I mean those dreams are like your perfect life the perfect moment the perfect kiss. I’ve been wishing all of that to be real but it just doesn’t. It hurts I hurt and just for someone that don’t seem to worth it. I wish someday meet like the love of my life, and it seem so far from now, or maybe I just think that. But I don’t know I have given up myself about everything. I just want you to get out of my head it’ll be so cool if you just dissapear from everything. Fuck that’s so imposible, you turned my world upside down I don’t know what to do anymore. JUST LEAVE!


Cute Overload

One day Puptot and Pupteen were playing outside when Puptot said, “Time out! I have an itch!”

Puptot scratched the itch, “Ugh. I can’t reach it! Will you scratch my back, Pupteen?”

So Pupteen thought, “Ah, it’s such a nice day. I think I’ll tease Puptot.”

“You have an itch? UH OH. You know what that means. Mom’s gonna give you a bath! And shave you! And put stinky lotion on you!”

(“Heh, heh, heh”)


Luckily, Mom was nearby, and being loving and wise like good Moms everywhere she said, “Oh dear. I’m so glad you told me. Looks like I will have to give you a bath and shave you and put goo on you and dip you in sugar and pop you in my mouf and eat you right up!”

We’ll scratch your back if you scratch ours, pauxcide.

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